Do thickened, crumbly nails have you hiding your feet? Fungal toenails are persistent, ugly infections by fungi underneath your nails. You can come into contact with the microorganisms that cause it almost anywhere though warm, damp locations are particularly risky.

Once you have an infection it doesn’t get better without treatment—often it gets worse. Fortunately many treatment choices exist to help eliminate the sources of the problem. At Foot Care Specialists, PC we offer cutting edge options because we want the best for our patients. A visit to our office is the first step in restoring your toenails to health. Marshall L. Lukoff, DPM will evaluate the state of your infection. A sample is scraped from the surface of the nail and sent to a lab to be tested for the exact organism responsible. After that, we are able to discuss possible treatment options.




Several different nail procedures are available, including partial or complete removal and laser treatment. The CoolTouch laser procedure is cutting edge technology that helps eliminate your nail fungus quickly. This particular remedy has no post-op restrictions or side effects, and the fungus is usually taken care of in three quick treatments—unlike oral medications, which can take months to be effective, have many side effects, and don’t work for everyone. It’s more effective than topical anti-fungal medications like sprays or ointments which can’t penetrate the nail to get to the fungus underneath. The laser uses focused light that easily passes through nail tissue. It deals with the source directly, allowing you to heal more quickly.

The other procedure—partial or complete nail excision—is more involved, but also effective. You are given an injection to numb the toe. From there part of the nail or the whole nail is removed. A CO2 laser is used to eliminate the fungal tissue from your nail bed. Your nail is bandaged and you are given a surgical shoe for protection. We will provide detailed instructions for home care. You are able to walk, albeit carefully, immediately following the procedure, though you will be instructed to keep your foot elevated the majority of the time for the next few days. Because your foot is numbed, if your right foot is treated we do not recommend that you drive.


Many people forget that fungus can get trapped and grow in their shoes, too. When they reuse their shoes, they re-expose themselves to the infection. To completely eliminate the fungus from their feet, they need to kill the infection in their shoes as well. Here at Foot Care Specialists, PC we offer a special ultraviolet light treatment and anti-fungal sprays for footwear. These remedies kill the organisms lurking in the fabric of your shoes so they can’t re-infect you.

Fungal toenail infections do not get better without intentional treatment. Don’t resign yourself to ugly and uncomfortable toenails when Dr. Marshall L. Lukoff, DPM of Foot Care Specialists, PC can work with you to completely eradicate the source.