Thank you for curing my foot fungus. Thank you for straightening out my left toe. If anyone has a problem with their feet, I'll tell them about you and your two offices and staff in Quincy and Dedham.

David D.

Dr Lukoff was amazing! Very professional and really listened to what was bothering me. I'm feeling much better today! I would absolutely recommend him!

Scott Z.

Dr Lukoff is amazing. No pain Very kind and understanding First time patient No anxiety Thank you so much !!!

Suzanne H.

I had a pretty bad fungal big toenail for about two years and Dr. Lukoff suggested we remove it. The operation and healing process went smoothly and although I no longer have the toenail, the area healed up just right and looks way better than I expected!

Grace D.

Have had foot pain for three years,been to three doctors at Boston hospitals with no results. Always told same thing there is no good therapy for plantar fasciitis. Saw doctor Lukow and after treatment experienced no pain within two days, continuing treatment at present.

Neundorf F.

Competent, qualified and attentive to his feet have never been more happy !

Donald T.

Dr. Lukoff is fantastic. You can tell he is a wonderful doctor by how fantastic his assistants and staff are - I have never had a bad experience at either location. I'm pretty young to need a podiatrist but they are not judgmental and have never made me feel uncomfortable. My feet are a hot mess. I have plantar fasciitis, bunions, fallen arches, flat feet, weak ankles, heel spurs, you name it. He is very patient and thorough - I personally cannot believe the people I worked with are the same people some of these other reviews are talking about. Trust me when I say just take his advice - if he advises it, do it. You will feel so much better.

Sara E.

My experience is coming from 30 years ago when I saw Dr. Lukoff, he fixed bunions on my feet. I was able to still work during that time. He just took very good care of a young person who didn't have a lot of money but had some insurance, since then my feet have been awesome! I ran marathons, I walk all of the with time. I'm on my feet constantly without having any pain and I've kept up with the orthotics that he suggested 30 years ago. Thank you again. Dr Lukoff. I will always be grateful and indebted to you. After all, your feet or your foundation, thank you thankyou!!

Tracy D.

Before recieving treatment prior to my visit to foot care specialist, I was not pleased with my treatment at a local Boston area Podiatrist, so I searched the website for alternative treatment I am glad I did my exsperiance was like night and day, Footcare Specialists had a lot more to offer me for my conditions that I have,i am very pleased with the service am receiving. Thank you Dr. Marshall Lukoff.

James S.

My minor son is a patient of Dr. Lukoff. Our experience with Dr. Lukoff and his staff was and still is excellent.. they are all very nice. Dr Lukoff has a no nonsense approach. He is kind and knows what he is doing. Dr. Lukoff is our family podiatrist.. he’s awesome!

Tina L.

As a lifelong member of foot issues, Dr. Lukoff has reduced the pain issues and helped me during difficult times. He is professional, knowledgeable, and would recommend him for foot issues. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Katherine M.

Very nice staff, and Dr. Lukoff really takes the time to get to know what is going on with you so as to give you the best advice for your particular situation. Definitely glad I went to see him.

Paul D.

I've had chronic foot pain for the past 5 years. It has held me back quite a bit. However, in 5 years of going to physicians and other podiatrists, my feet have not felt nearly as good as after going to see Dr. Lukoff for just a few months. His multi-faceted approach to taking care of my plantar fasciitis has helped my pain improve rapidly, and now I have two pairs of orthotics that I can use when dancing, running, or even walking. Dr. Lukoff is always able to fit me into his schedule and I'm almost always seen right away, even when I get there early. He seems really committed to getting me back up and running again (quite literally). He also takes the time to listen and answer my questions, which I appreciate. I'd highly recommend him!

Steven A.

Dr. Lukoff and his staff were amazing. They made me feel so confortable when I was nervous about a procedure I had never done before. Their calm demeanors and comfort in their knowledge shined through and made the whole experience wonderful. I will be going to him for all future podiatry needs!

Tracy C.