Fungal toenails are the result of a persistent, embarrassing infection under your toenails that doesn’t go away without treatment. If you live in Quincy, Massachusetts, or the surrounding communities, Marshall L. Lukoff, DPM, FAAFS is the premier podiatrist and foot and ankle specialist in the area who treats fungal toenails quickly and effectively at his practice, Foot Care Specialists PC. If your toenails are thick or crumbly, and you’re constantly hiding your feet, call either office for an appointment or schedule online. The caring and professional foot-care team can provide the relief you need.

Fungal Toenails Q & A

What causes fungal toenails?

Fungal toenail infections are the result of an underlying fungal organism. The most common type of fungus is a dermatophyte, but yeast and mold can also cause nail infections. It can happen to anyone, but it’s more common in older adults.

As you age, your toenails can become brittle, dry, and cracked, allowing fungi to enter under the nail. Also as you age, you could experience lower blood circulation in your feet. A weakened immune system could also play a role. If you have a history of athlete’s foot, the fungus can easily spread between your toes.

Other risk factors that lead to fungal infections in your feet and toenails include:

  • Having sweaty feet
  • Walking barefoot in communal showers, gym locker rooms, or public pools
  • Having an existing skin condition like psoriasis
  • Having diabetes

A toenail fungus can be painful and cause permanent damage to your nails if left untreated.

What are the symptoms of fungal toenails?

Typical signs of a fungal infection in your toenails include:

  • Thick brown, white, or yellow nails
  • Build-up under your infected nails
  • A nail that lifts away from the nail bed
  • Splitting, crumbling nails
  • Thin, dry, powdery nail surface

As symptoms develop, fungal toenails usually aren’t painful, but as the fungus continues to grow and spread, it can feel painful to wear shoes.

What are my treatment options for fungal toenails?

Several different procedures can relieve uncomfortable nail fungus symptoms and get rid of the infection, including removing part or all of the infected nails, or laser treatment with the CoolTouch laser. Dr. Lukoff is an expert at treating toenail fungus with the CoolTouch CoolBreeze™ Laser, a cutting-edge technology that quickly eliminates nail fungus. Treatment with the CoolTouch laser has no side effects and eliminates the fungus in just three treatments.

Oral medications could also get rid of toenail fungal infections, but they often take months to be effective and come with unpleasant side effects. Medicated nail polish or nail creams can take months, or even a year, to be effective. The CoolTouch laser treatment is a more effective, almost immediate remedy for fungal toenails that uses focused light to penetrate beneath the surface of infected nails.

Since the CoolTouch laser treatment treats the underlying cause of fungal toenails, it’s highly effective and allows you to heal more quickly than other methods. Get help for toenail fungus today. Call either office or schedule an appointment online.