Toenail Fungus is a Rotten Situation

Toenail fungus stinks; let’s get that out of the way. And we’re not just talking about the odor that is associated with this toenail condition. When fungus grows underneath the nail, it can lead to serious consequences such as damaged nails and infections, and the odor can linger as well. The nail can become thickened, yellowed, and crumbly. The fungus can thrive in warm and damp areas, which can lead to spreading to other areas of the body.

Can you guess where these moist, warm areas are predominant? If you thought about public pools and gym locker rooms, you are correct! If you also thought about the inside of your shoes, you get extra points! Summer is far from over in the Boston area, so those pools, splash pads, gyms, and anywhere there is water is a potential hot spot for fungus!

If your inspection of your toenails leads you to conclude that you may be dealing with toenail fungus, note the following:

●       You should soak the infected toenail in warm salt water.

●       Trim your toenails carefully, making sure not to cut them overly short or in a rounded shape - this could lead to ingrown toenails.

●       Use medicated creams that contain antibiotics to make sure that you prevent any spread of infections.

●      Laser treatment is a popular and effective treatment method that can safely destroy the hard-to-reach fungus without invasive surgery.

●       For stubborn situations, surgery may be used to lift the infected nail and apply antibiotics directly to the infected nail bed.

Here at the Foot Care Specialists, PC, we take nail care very seriously, and specialize in providing laser therapy for those who need it. Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Marshall L. Lukoff, can walk you through all of the necessary steps to improve your nail fungus. Our offices are located in Quincy (South Shore, Boston, Metrowest area) and Dedham (Boston, Metro West), Massachusetts. Please schedule an appointment with our offices by calling and get your feet back into the swing of a fungus-free routine!

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