Senior Foot Care is Timeless

Proper senior foot care is a very important part of growing old. When infections or severe injuries happen to those who are elderly, it can have magnified effects that younger individuals may not realize. Seniors need to take care of their feet as they age to battle the increased vulnerability of wounds and risks of infections that can occur. Wear and tear become more damaging, and requires extra care and attention when it comes to foot and ankle difficulties.

Symptoms of foot conditions can quickly become severe problems for the elderly. They lose their ability to withstand routine forces on their feet, so proper maintenance is essential to avoid injury or worsening of conditions like arthritis and diabetes. Sometimes older patients may not realize wounds and other injuries have formed due to neuropathy-related issues. A decreased ability to fight off infections means regular visits to the foot doctor are in order. So, let’s talk about what proper care means.

● Seniors should examine their feet regularly to help them determine any irregularities.

● Avoid walking barefoot.

● Seniors should wash their feet every day and dry them right after! This can help prevent fungal infections.

● Trim toenails in a straight manner to prevent ingrown toenails and other toenail disorders.

● Socks should be changed as frequently as possible to make sure that feet do not remain damp and encourage fungus growth.

● It’s important to wear shoes that help their feet breathe and fit properly.

● Exercise regularly to help with blood flow, but make sure to speak with your primary doctor first for appropriate recommendations.

Foot Care Specialists, PC, is a podiatry practice where our skilled podiatrist, Dr. Marshall L. Lukoff, has treated many senior patients and can provide you with the methods necessary to maintain optimal foot and ankle health. Call our locations (in Quincy (South Shore, Boston, Metrowest area) and Dedham (Boston, Metrowest), Massachusetts or schedule an appointment online today!

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