Neuromas Stick Out

A neuroma is an uncomfortable situation for your feet. It is essentially a group of nerves located between toes that cause pain in the ball of the foot. They can cause discomfort because the pain associated with them increases during routine activities. In fact, those experiencing neuromas can have aching in the front of the foot, numbness at the ball of the foot or swelling between toes.

Factors that lead to neuromas can be deformities such as high arches or flat feet, severe traumatic injuries to nerves or inadequately fitting shoes with tight toe boxes. Heels and sandals are common culprits, so women are affected in greater numbers. Due to the lack of sensation neuromas cause to the feet, it is in your best interest to obtain treatment right away.

Treatment for this condition includes:

● Physical therapy to help alleviate neuroma pain.

● Refraining from wearing narrow shoes with high heels as they can aggravate neuromas. Instead, opt for shoes with wide toe boxes.

● Using medications to reduce pain.

● Placing orthotics in your shoes to help reduce swelling.

● Surgical procedures to remove the neuroma by eliminating the enlarged nerve. Diabetics, however, must particularly be careful. These procedures have risks since they involve nerves. If the surrounding nerves are damaged, it can cause unrestrained symptoms due to the uncontrollable nature of nerves.

● Neurolysis, which targets the damaged nerves and chemically eliminates it with injections (a mixture of ethanol and anesthetic) into the nerve. This method can be very effective.

Here at the Foot Care Specialists, PC, located in Quincy (The South Shore, Boston, Metro West area) and Dedham (Boston, Metro West), Massachusetts, our podiatrist, Dr. Marshall L. Lukoff, will help to provide your feet with the best possible chance of beating neuromas and recovering from the pain they have inflicted upon your toes. Please make an appointment with our offices by calling,

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