Importance of Arthritic Foot Care

When your feet and ankles become susceptible to arthritis, that’s when arthritic foot care comes into play because it can have lasting positive effects on the longevity of the health of your feet and ankles.

Arthritis is a condition that abolishes the apparatuses of your joints. It takes a toll on your cartilage and causes swelling in the joints. Arthritis can prevent you from being mobile and from being able to move in a manner that allows you to accomplish your routine effortlessly. It is very common as you age because your joints are subject to many years of wear and tear, and the discomfort and pain can progress slowly and worsen. The cartilage between the bones in the joints become thinner, and eventually, there is nothing to protect the bones from hitting each other, which causes an immense amount of pain.

There are many early indicators of arthritis that are important to catch onto quickly. These include stiffness, a reduction in movement, repetitive movements, and trauma, all of which have the potential to progress to painful symptoms without intervention. Proper arthritic foot care can effectively slow down its effects so that you can cushion the blow to your joints.

Arthritis is typically treated by:
● Reducing your weight to alleviate the amount of pressure placed on your foot’s joints.

● Using supportive devices such as orthotics to help manage pressures being applied to your feet.

● Taking medications that reduce inflammation.

● Surgery. Sometimes bones need to be fused together with the use of support devices. Joints may also become so deteriorated that they need to be replaced completely.

Being proactive about foot health is always important when it comes to preventing debilitating conditions like arthritis. At Foot Care Specialists, PC in Quincy (South Shore, Boston, Metro West area) and Dedham (Boston, Metro West), Massachusetts, our podiatrist, Dr. Marshall L. Lukoff, has the experience and knowledge to help treat your arthritis, no matter the stage it happens to be in. We urge you to make that leap and schedule an appointment with our offices by calling. You can also contact us online. It may seem too early or late, but once you get treatment, you will wonder why it was delayed for so long.

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