Fractures Come with Force

Fractures of the foot can involve all parts, including the heel bone and ankle. Heel fractures normally happen after high falls, twists or severe accidents. Heel fractures can result in extreme pain and reduce mobility. However, it’s not something that happens on a normal basis. It’s important to understand that the joints of the foot are supported by muscles and tendons which allow the foot to perform its functions.

An ankle fracture can occur when one or more bones or ligaments of the ankle joint breaks. Symptoms of fractures include severe discomfort, swelling, bruising, and the lack of the ability to bear weight on the injured foot. The bruising of a joint is very visible on a fractured ankle. When a severe fracture occurs, the ankle can become deformed. A complication that can occur from foot fractures is arthritis. The increased stress on the joints wears down cartilage and when there is an increased amount of stress placed on the bones of the ankle joint, the bones can start to rub against each other. You need to exercise great care when you sustain a foot fracture to have a successful recovery period.


Surgery is usually the go to method of treatment due to the severe effects of a fracture. It will be needed to repair deformities and reconstructive procedures will be utilized to restore mobility.

Surgical procedures will require screws or plates to stabilize the repaired bones while they heal. This equipment could be for the short term or may be permanent.
Physical therapy will be very helpful for increasing the chances of a full recovery.

Here at the Foot Care Specialists, PC, located in Quincy (The South Shore, Boston, Metro West area) and Dedham (Boston, Metro West), Massachusetts, our podiatrist, Dr. Marshall L. Lukoff, can treat your foot fracture with the utmost care and provide the latest treatment methods to ensure that you have the best chances of maintaining healthy feet. Please make an appointment with our offices by calling (855) 348-3338 and check out our services to learn more about how we can help your feet!

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