Calluses and Cracked Heels are Synonymous

Calluses are a cause for concern when it comes to the effects they have on feet. They form as dead thickened layers of skin in response to repeated friction on the feet. One such complication of this condition is dry and cracked heels, which can be both uncomfortable and unappealing. Cracks develop on the heels as the skin splits from dryness or condensing of the skin that makes it less elastic.

Factors that can lead to calluses include the following:

● being overweight

● standing for long periods of time

● walking barefoot in a variety of conditions

● using open-back sandals

● hereditary traits

● fungal infections

● low humid climates

● mineral deficiencies

● hormone imbalances

● poor circulation or diabetes which can inhibit moisture due to a lack of sweating

Calluses can be improved by:

● Utilizing closed shoes.

● Keeping your body well hydrated.

● Using shoe inserts or padding around the heel to inhibit the callus from becoming worse by reducing abrasion and friction.

● Have a foot doctor trim away layers of the calluses.

● Use custom fitted orthotics to provide stability and alignment to the heel.

● In situations where none of the above methods successfully treat this condition, surgery may be required to repair any underlying mechanical issues.

Calluses can cause complications that significantly affect the heel. Please contact Foot Care Specialists, PC for state of the art podiatry services. Serving the Quincy (The South Shore, Boston, Metrowest area) and Dedham areas (Boston, Metrowest) in Massachusetts, our podiatrist, Dr. Marshall L. Lukoff, will help you get rid of those calluses that may be causing the skin on your heels to dry out and eventually crack. Request an appointment with our offices.

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