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Dr Marshall Lukoff treating fungal nails

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At Foot Care Specialists, PC, we are experts in treating and restoring your nails, helping you every step of the way to bring back health to your feet. Fungal toenails are a challenging infection. Microscopic organisms take up residence under your nails where they are hard to reach and hard to kill. Over time, the embarrassing damage results in nails that are brittle, ragged, and discolored. This type of infection doesn’t have to mean a lifetime of hiding your toes.

Clear communication between you and our office is a top priority for our practice. We want you to fully understand your diagnosis, available treatments, and preventative measures. We are here to help and ensure your success. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about medication options and side effects, nail removal, laser treatment, healing times, the infection spreading, cost, or any other concerns you may have.

Successful Fungal Nail Treatment


The Laser Nail Center Quincy uses a combination of topical anti-fungal products and laser treatment that work synergistically to effectively clear fungal infections and prevent recurrence. Our CoolTouch, in-office laser nail treatment kills fungus under the nails without causing you any pain. Three thorough once-a-month laser treatments are included in The Laser Nail Center Quincy’s Ultimate Care Plan, and booster treatments are available if required.


Between laser treatments, our Ultimate Anti-Fungal Hygiene Kit kills fungus on all surfaces of the skin, nails, and shoes. By combining callus-reducing cream and fungal cream; nail scrub and anti-fungal nail solutions; anti-fungal shoe sprays and ultra violet light, we eliminate all present fungal infections and prevent them from recurring in the future.

We offer options in addition to the Ultimate Anti-Fungal Hygiene Kit and CoolTouch laser treatment, including oral medication, topical solutions, ultra violet therapy, foot hygiene education, and surgical nail removal to excise the nail bed.

Oral medication and surgical excision are covered by most insurance carriers. The Ultimate Anti-Fungal Hygiene Kit and non-invasive laser treatments are not covered by insurance carriers, however, Health Savings Accounts and Care Credit can be used.

Proactive Defensive Maneuvers

If you need our help to treat your fungal nails, we’re certainly here for you, but there are measures you can take to reduce the risk of them happening in the first place. Keeping your feet dry, and especially drying them thoroughly after a bath or shower, is good practice. Change your socks daily. Wear sandals or shower shoes in public locker rooms or pools. Wash your socks inside out (to help clean out more of the dead skin that flakes off during the course of the day). Use a nail file at least once a week to thin the surface of your affected nails to ensure the antifungal nail solutions penetrate deeper and promote the overall health of the infected nails. 

If it is too late to take preventative measures and fungal toenails have already invaded your feet, make your appointment today at The Laser Nail Center Quincy for a free consultation. We will determine the best course of action, whether that may be laser nail treatment or surgical excision. Call us at 1-855-FIT-FEET (855-348-3338) and schedule a consultation with Marshall L. Lukoff, D.P.M. at the Crown Colony Medical Center in Quincy, MA.