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Heel Pain Treatment

Foot Care SpecialistsWhen your heels hurt, it’s almost all you can think about. When you take your first steps in the morning, the pain is there. When you rest for a while, you feel the ache. When you walk or stand for too long, the discomfort interrupts your activities and can make it hard to function. Heel pain is a malady that afflicts thousands of people every year, limiting their mobility and causing them distress. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Many conservative treatments exist that reduce and even eliminate heel pain.

The Problem

Two of the most common causes of heel pain are plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. Plantar fasciitis is the tightening and inflammation of the tendon running the length of the sole, called the plantar fascia. It pulls on the heel bone and causes discomfort. Heel spurs are small bone growths that develop under the heel. Pressing against them can be quite painful. Neither condition gets better on its own—in fact, the problem generally gets worse. The longer symptoms are allowed to strain the back of the foot, the longer it takes to eliminate the problem.

The Conservative, Successful Solution

The vast majority of people are able to have their pain relieved through entirely noninvasive measures. Shoe changes, physical therapy, prescription orthotics, cortisone injections, and shockwave treatment are some of the most common and successful solutions. Since plantar fasciitis and heel spurs are often connected to bad shoes or poor biomechanics, changing your footwear and performing exercises to stretch and strengthen your feet can be very effective. Shoes that are more cushioned and supported take the pressure off your heels. Physical therapy relaxes the affected tissues and builds up their strength so they are able to maintain their proper position.

Often, though, the foot needs more support. Prescription orthotics are fitted to your exact needs and foot shape to stabilize and cushion your heels. Marshall L. Lukoff, DPM, uses cutting-edge computer gait-analysis technology to determine your standing and walking patterns and create a mold. Then a completely unique custom support piece is created. Foot Care Specialists, PC, even has a 100% guarantee policy for our orthotics. We will continue to adjust or replace orthotics until a proper fit is found and you are completely satisfied with their effectiveness. If in the rare case you do not like them or find they are not helping you, we will refund their cost.

Our extracorporeal shockwave treatment is for especially stubborn cases of heel pain. If you continue to struggle with discomfort and other treatments have not helped, this technology may be for you. The shockwave therapy stimulates the natural healing processes in your feet to significantly lower your inflammation. It takes several treatments to work—three visits, with 20 minutes of the therapy each, are common. Your heel may initially feel more sensitive for several days following the procedure, but as the body heals the tissues naturally, your discomfort improves. However, if all conservative treatments have failed and you still experience discomfort, you may need surgery to eliminate the pain.

Heel pain is highly treatable, especially if it is dealt with early on. The longer that you push through and ignore your uncomfortable feet, the harder it is to relieve the discomfort later. Don’t let sore heels limit your life.

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