Frequently Asked Questions

Questions From Dedham & Quincy, MA Patients

Achilles Problems

  • What can I do at home to ease Achilles tendinitis?

Ankle Problems

  • How long is recovery time for ankle surgery?

Ball of Foot Problems

  • What is causing my ball of foot pain?

Common Foot Injuries

  • How do I know if I sprained my ankle?


  • How can I tell if I have flat feet?
  • How do I treat a bunion?
  • What type of shoes are best for my bunion?


  • Why is diabetic foot care so important?


  • How often should I replace my orthotics?
  • What conditions can orthotics help?
  • Can certain footwear ease my metatarsalgia symptoms?
  • Can orthotics help my flat feet?
  • What is the difference between inserts and orthotics?
  • How can I determine my arch type?

Fungal Nails

  • Is toenail fungus treatable?
  • Does laser nail treatments hurt?

General Foot Care

  • When should I call my podiatrist?

Heel Pain

  • Why do I have heel pain getting out of bed?

High Arches

  • What are the best shoes for high arches?

Ingrown Toenails

  • Should I cut my ingrown toenail?


  • Why does my toe hurt?
  • How can I relieve my sesamoiditis pain?