Patient Education


How much do you know about your feet and ankles? Most people don’t know very much—many don’t even think about their lowest limbs until a problem arises. Once the discomfort sets in, however, those feet can easily become all you think about. Specialists like Marshall L. Lukoff, DPM, complete extensive training to be able to treat your feet and ankles with targeted, effective care. Yet even with our expertise, Foot Care Specialists, PC, can only do so much for you if you do not communicate clearly and work with our offices to restore your health.

Getting involved in your own care and making educated decisions about it is so important for your own recovery. After all, who knows more about your unique pain and your lifestyle needs than you? We truly believe that achieving healing for your feet and ankles is most successful when you and the doctor form a partnership and work together to find the best solutions for your condition. In order for you to be able to make informed decisions in your own health care, however, you need to understand a little about your condition and the options that are available to you.

That is why we are dedicated to educating all of our patients. When you come into our office for an appointment, we discuss your condition with you and do our best to help you understand how your feet are being affected. We also have a large patient library based here on the website that covers a wide variety of topics. We encourage you to browse through it and read more about your feet and your ankles. We also have a search bar for you to be able to locate specific conditions or treatments that interest you anywhere on the website.

Marshall L. Lukoff, DPM, treats an incredible variety of conditions on a regular basis, but he recognizes that many people suffer from some common problems. For that reason our office has chosen to highlight a number of those and provide additional educational information about them, their causes, and the many conservative treatments we have available. Heel pain and fungal toenail infections afflict too many people, but they don’t have keep you off your feet or hiding your toes. Diabetes is another wide-spread problem. It takes a harsh toll on your body and can put your feet at risk for serious harm. With targeted, regular care, however, your feet can be kept healthy.

We also put an emphasis on high-quality, custom-made prescription orthotics. Effective inserts have made a significant impact in relieving many people’s foot and ankle pain. If made incorrectly or not designed for your unique needs, though, you could actually cause damage to your feet. At Foot Care Specialists, PC, we have the training and experience to create truly custom orthotics that fit your foot shape and accommodate your condition.

We see a wide variety of patients every day. Each has a unique story and experience with foot and ankle discomfort. Our goal is to educate you and every other person that walks through our doors so that you can participate in your own health care. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t wait to have them answered—contact our office for more information. Visit our online contact page or call our Eastbrook Executive Park office in Dedham, MA at (855) 348-3338 to reach us.